Whole Funding’s mission is to help bring holistic goals to fruition. We measure our success as a company by how well we achieve that mission. The sites core value is centered on health and wellness. By focusing on projects which promotes health related practices, products, technology and services we can better serve, nurture and shape our communities.


Whole Funding’s operations will reflect its values:


Whole Funding will never sell user data to third parties. It will zealously defend the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use its service, including in its dealings with government entities.


Whole Funding’s terms of use and privacy policies will be clear, fair, and transparent. Whole Funding will not cover every possible future contingency, or claim rights and powers just because it can or because doing so is industry standard.


Whole Funding will not lobby or campaign for public policies unless they align with its mission and values, regardless of possible economic benefits to the company.


Whole Funding will not use loopholes or other esoteric but legal tax management strategies to reduce its tax burden. Whole Funding will be transparent in reporting the percentage of taxes it pays and explaining the many factors that affect its tax calculation.


Whole Funding will seek to limit environmental impact. It will invest in green infrastructure, support green commuting methods, and factor environmental impact when choosing vendors. Additionally, Whole Funding will provide recommendations and resources that help creators make environmentally conscious decisions on tasks, like shipping and packaging that are common to the use of its services.


Whole Funding supports a spiritually based and equitable world.


Whole Funding will annually donate 5% of its after-tax profit towards mindful, conscious, animal rights, and human potential movements.


Whole Funding is committed to mindful endeavors.


Whole Funding will always support, serve, and champion teachers, instructors and creators, especially those working in less clinical areas.


Whole Funding will foster a supportive environment for employees to work on their own spiritual quests, including time off to pursue them.


Whole Funding’s committed to creating a more mindful society.


Whole Funding will provide opportunities and paid time off for employees to provide professional mentorship and skills training to people from groups underrepresented in the worlds of mindful living, healing, and conscious teachings.