You must be the change you want to see in this world.


— Mahatma Gandhi


We are a crowd funding platform fully dedicated to Holistic, Health and Wellness Goals! Our website is dedicated to those that have reached a point within themselves and are ready to ask for help in changing their path on personal or professional level. WholeFunding project creators are goal and results driven. They are willing to go that extra mile, not only creating a project and posting it on social media, but relentlessly pursuing success until the goal is achieved and they are living out their dream.

If you are looking to raise funding for a mindful or health-conscious business idea or raise funding to enhance an existing business; or embark upon a personal health or wellness goal; please feel safe and at home with WholeFunding.

There are two ways a project can be set-up:

  • Business Goal
  • Personal Goal

Business Goal

The Business Goal is for anyone looking to create a new business or enhance an existing one. If you have a business plan and know how much is needed to make your business dream a reality, set-up a project on WholeFunding and set the end goal to match the money needed to fund your idea. If the dollar amount is not met at the time of the projects end date then all funds will be returned to the Backers. The Project Creator is not allowed to keep partial funds.

Personal Goal

The Personal Goal is for anyone looking to make a change in their life and ready to undergo a lifestyle transformation. Examples of a personal goal include — but are not limited to — weight loss, yoga teacher certification, degree in herbology, raise money for charity sponsorship or funds to pay for a new gym membership. Personal Goals do not have to meet the dollar goal for funds to be collected. If only a portion of the money is raised, the money can be collected used by the Project Creator towards reaching the goal.

Don’t forget about the Reward

Once a goal has been met and the project comes to an end, the Project Creator can send out Rewards to its Backers.

If for a Business Goal, the Reward can be the actual service or product created as a result of funding. For example, if the funds raised were used to open a yoga studio, the Reward may be a one-month free membership for each Backer; or if the funds raised were used to create a paid weight loss app, the Reward can be the actual app created.

If for a Personal Goal, the Reward can be something Offered from one of your talents such as: teaching someone to read, painting, building, working at a local soup-kitchen, volunteering Boys/Girls Club, helping at a local farm-sanctuary, teaching yoga for free, giving hugs, taking an elderly person for a walk, helping out someone with special needs or just giving another human an hour of your undivided personal attention.