You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something , build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


R. Buckminster Fuller

To Proceed with the Highest of Intentions

WholeFunding’s Web Intention is to provide the space for health, wellness, and prosperity to flourish. Together we are building a global community of like-minded people who want to see more love, peace, health and wellness in the world.

WholeFunding vows to use the internet with only the best of intentions. When we are online, we only speak about love. We share the love we’re feeling in the present moment and the vision of what our beautiful future holds. We create our reality by showing each other images of love, speaking and writing words of love, playing songs of love, telling jokes and expressing laughter all in the name of love.

A Commitment to Nourishment and Healing

In all we do at and through WholeFunding we do our best to live by Thich Nhta Hanh’s Fifth Mindfulness Training: Nourishment and Healing

Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful consumption, I am committed to cultivating good health, both physical and mental, for myself, my family and my society by practicing mindful eating, drinking, and consuming. I will practice looking deeply into how I consume the Four Kinds of Nutriments, namely edible foods, sense impressions, volition, and consciousness. I am determined not to gamble, or use alcohol, drugs, or any other products which contain toxins, such as certain websites, electronic games, TV programs, films, magazines, books, (music) and conversations. I will practice coming back to the present moment to be in touch with the refreshing, healing and nourishing elements in me and around me, not letting regrets and sorrow drag me back to the past nor letting anxieties, fear, or craving pull me out of the present moment. I am determined not to try to cover up loneliness, anxiety, or other suffering by losing myself in consumption. I will contemplate interbeing and consume in a way that preserves peace joy and well-being in my body and consciousness, and the collective body and consciousness of my family, my society and the Earth.

— The Five Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhta Hanh
#5: Nourishment and Healing

The Work We Put Forth Creates the World Around Us

  • WholeFunding never sells user data to third parties.
    We zealously defend the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use our service, including in our dealings with government entities.
  • WholeFunding’s terms of use and privacy policies are clear, fair, and transparent.
    WholeFunding will not cover every possible future contingency, or claim rights and powers just because it can or because doing so is industry standard.
  • WholeFunding will not lobby or campaign for public policies
    unless it aligns with our mission and values, regardless of possible economic benefits to the company.
  • WholeFunding doesn’t use loopholes or other esoteric
    but legal tax management strategies to reduce our tax burden. WholeFunding is transparent in reporting the percentage of taxes we pay and explaining the many factors that affect our tax calculation.
  • WholeFunding seeks to limit environmental impact.
    We support green infrastructure, green commuting methods and factor environmental impact when choosing vendors. Additionally, WholeFunding will provide recommendations and resources that help creators make environmentally conscious decisions on tasks, like shipping and packaging that are common to the use of our services.
  • WholeFunding supports a spiritually based and equitable world.
  • WholeFunding annually donates 5% of our after-tax profit
    towards mindful, conscious, animal rights and human potential movements.
  • WholeFunding is committed to mindful endeavors.
  • WholeFunding always supports, serves and champions teachers, instructors and creators,
    especially those working in less clinical areas.
  • WholeFunding fosters a supportive environment for employees
    to work on their own spiritual quests, including time off to pursue them.
  • WholeFunding’s committed to creating a more mindful society.
  • WholeFunding provides opportunities and paid time off for employees
    to provide professional mentorship and skills training to people from groups underrepresented in the worlds of mindful living, healing and conscious teachings.