Anthony Cotter, CEO

CEO Anthony Cotter was raised by his health-conscious mother till the age of nine. She taught him about yoga, meditation and raised him vegetarian from birth. After his mother’s passing he found himself lost and homeless in the world, battled addictions and poverty. In his late teenage years and early twenties, he was introduced to a book called A Diet for A New America and decided to remove all animal products from his life. He is also deeply into eating raw fruits and vegetables, and does not eat any refined sugars. He studied nutrition in Brooklyn College and went to the Culinary Arts Institute to learn other raw food techniques. With his partner, he moved from NYC to SF and opened InBloom Foods, a raw food catering company. He taught meditation and yoga in the juvenile hall systems with the nonprofit group Mind Body Awareness Project. Him and his partner moved back east, again, and Anthony worked in finance for ten years, never forgetting that when he was younger he wanted to become a yoga teacher. At the time, it cost roughly $15,000 to complete the 9-week training. Then there was the airfare, a place to sleep and food plus not working for 9 weeks; all the while still having to cover the bills at home. Anthony never became a certified yoga teacher, but created this platform with that story in mind. Sometimes undiscovered dreams give birth to new success.

Alexandra Kazimir, Project Manager

Alexandra serves as the Project Manager at WholeFunding. Graduating Magne Cume Laude with a degree in Public Health at the University of Rochester, she brings the perspective of preventive health measures and community-based, population health. Alexandra found yoga while enrolled at the University of Rochester, where an initial curiosity grew into a source of deep healing and vitality. Unsatisfied with the allopathic model, and seeking a more holistic an integrative approach to health and disease, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training shortly after graduating. Her own personal journey through illness and healing has inspired her to share her experiences and tools with others walking the path of mindfulness and healing. Alexandra gained experience in marketing and communications, serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer, and working with non-profits oriented towards local food and agricultural issues in Vermont and Hawaii. She currently lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she teaches yoga, among other engagements that enable her to do so. Alexandra ultimately dreams of further studies that will enable her to serve as a holistic health practitioner and mindfulness instructor. Outside of her time spent supporting WholeFunding, Alexandra can be found hiking, biking, practicing yoga, and fiddling around on the ukulele.

Liam Tracy, Chief Marketing Officer

Liam Tracy, WholeFunding’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), knows that finding your best self is an all-encompassing journey. It is a balance of living an inspiring life through accustomed artistry, nutrition and diet, a flowing exertive lifestyle and positive relationships. Constantly being in tune with your personal mood, energy and the internal elements that create a clear behavior. We are looking forward to continuing longevity and prosperity through this digital medium. WholeFunding compliments and exudes these accomplishments to the full extent. Welcome. I have worked in the fashion and surfing industry for such companies as Ralph Lauren, Matuse, Brooks Brothers and Faherty Brand to name a few. Both industries are complementary in the ideology of looking good and physically feeling even better. With this said, health is a key point to success in my current and future career. Diet is a key factor within this realm of success. With a healthy diet and exercise comes a positive mind frame for a well-rounded life with relationships in my daily activities which is even including my pet turtle; Godzilla.

Orion Bayo, Chief Engineer

Growing up in Brooklyn during the 90’s was a sensory adventure that made me yearn for more. Honing in on that desire, I spent most of my professional life enjoying marketing and event planning with some of the largest companies in the world. Health, diet, nutrition and holistic living are currently some of the key drivers in my life and I look forward to sharing them with as many people as possible.

Rudi Bach, Chief Operating Officer

“It’s the perfect timing for people to start using Whole Funding. I am honored to be a part of it,” says Rudy Bach, WholeFunding Chief Operating Officer. “My passion is seeing things through and helping startups reach maturity. WholeFunding is just the right outlet.”

Since 1991, Rudi’s been working in performing and visual arts, mostly doing production and exhibit design, which keeps him close to the theater as well as managing art collections. He understands that the collaborative efforts of a generous creative team can often bring out the best in people. This is a belief he’s seen come to life in Seattle, Washington DC and New York City within the great organizations and productions in which he’s been involved.

Steve Halstead, Director of Operations

Steve Halstead is WholeFunding’s Director of Operations. Prior to joining our community, he was Senior CRM Analyst at the J Jill Group, a leading multichannel fashion retailer of apparel, accessories, and footwear. Steve’s also worked as a Marketing Manager at the Boston start-up, Paint Nite where he led the email marketing channel. In addition, he spent four years at Spartan Race where he led US and international email marketing efforts. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Industrial Engineering. When he's not working, you can find him at the beach, playing golf or skiing Vermont.

Jean Paul Hanna: Chief Technology Officer

Jean Paul Hanna grew up in Lebanon and Egypt, which gave him a head start on Whole Funding’s “Global Community” mentality. The perfect breeding ground for diverse experience; Jean Paul can’t wait to combine his over 25 years of experience in digital marketing, designing technology solutions and e-commerce with his love for people from various walks of life. “Whole Funding is like a playground for me. I get to flex my competitive muscles and my heart all at the same time. It’s so rare in this day and age of big business that people get lucky enough to do something that makes a difference. I’m one of the lucky ones.”

Gillian Hanna: Director of Customer Relations

Gillian grew up in the aisle of a health food store, long before it was cool to be green, vegan or raw. Her mother, a front-runner in the holistic movement, gifted her with an innate sense of empathy and healing. “Whether I want it or not, it just comes and feels natural.” Today, she’s proud to be a part of WholeFunding where she feels grateful to be working with people, doing her best to help them achieve their dreams. “Sometimes all it takes is showing someone you care…one gesture can change their whole world.”