We offer a safe and secure site.
One offers their willingness and energy to live a more holistic life.
Another supports the importance of this by funding a goal.
Together creating a new reality for everyone involved.


— Anthony Cotter, CEO, WholeFunding

The Work We Put Forth Creates the World Around Us

Welcome to WholeFunding, a global garden where holistic entrepreneurs and goal seekers seed their dreams then watch them grow.

Not your ordinary crowd funding site; WholeFunding is funding with a heart; specifically geared toward wellness creators who are seeking the resources and support needed to cultivate dreams.

The WholeFunding community - made up of athletes, teachers, students, trainers, chefs, farmers and many others - retain complete creative control over their projects; sharing them with an aware, vibrant and health conscious crowd of backers.

A showcase for those dedicated to their goals, WholeFunding is the place where energies converge to manifest bold ideas into thriving realties. Every WholeFunding project is another chance to create a local culture on a global scale. Organic ideas converging together, forming a unified force with the power to bring us the food we want available, the training we want offered, the technology we want to build, the services we want provided, the health and wellness we want to flourish across our planet.

Inspired by the magic of ambition and achievement, WholeFunding is proud to be a catalyst of the holistic lifestyle. When the intention is improvement, the world becomes one community to make it happen.