Yatri Yoga for Emotional Healing Teacher Training

by Paula Pilgrim

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About this project

Yatri yoga teacher training is a 300 hour Registered  Yoga Teacher (RYT) program that is approved by the in international accrediting body,  Yoga Alliance.  Yatri yoga specifically approaches anger, anxiety, depression, isolation, attachments, and loss. This training has 9 modules. One module is $525 which is taught each quarter.

The next section tells my story. 

Risks & Challenges

Yoga has saved my life, and now it I believe it is time to share what I have learned with others. I began practicing yoga in 2016 after four years of intense, ongoing stress (taking care of my severely ill mother, working, and going to school) followed by a series of personal losses. Within a few months apart my mother died, a "relationship" ended, and I lost my job. I basically broke down mentally, physically, and spiritually. Nothing was working to help me cope. Walking my dogs wasn’t enough, going to a psychiatrist and taking medications weren’t enough, going to intensive outpatient mental health services wasn’t enough, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) wasn’t enough, praying wasn’t enough. The medications either did not work, or I had adverse reactions. I kept worsening with the anxiety, depression, and complicated grief. My hair was coming out, I lost weight, my hormones became unbalanced, my intestinal tract was affected, my bloodwork was abnormal, and I was constantly fatigued. Apparently, when a crisis occurs any unresolved issues in one’s life seems to resurface, so I was dealing with that as well. By this point I was desperate for relief. I found a Hatha/Ashtanga yoga teacher in my greyhound adoption community, and to my surprise she was also a Certified Yoga Therapist. That’s when my healing began.I discovered that yoga is so much more than asanas. It reached areas that conventional Western health practices could not. It reached deep inside where words and speaking could not. Yoga helped free stuck emotions from old traumas from 25 years ago and the more recent overwhelming grief. My perspective changed, my self-concept/esteem changed, my intuition strongly activated, and I regained a new sense of empowerment. I was also able to get off all medications except one. My body slowly healed from the stress damage, and yoga has immensely improved my menstrual cycle problems as well has rehabbing former physical injuries. Yatri yoga deals with anger, anxiety, depression, isolation, attachments, and loss. In March 2018, I became interested in Yatri Yoga after attending a public workshop on anger at Delta Groove in Memphis, TN. During that 2-hour session, I experienced even further release. I was left in awe. I want to learn the Yatri Yoga to help bridge the gap within Western medicine; to reach healthcare workers, paramedics, firemen, and police officers; and to help people in general who are serious about being proactive in health, healing, growth, and recovery. There are so many hurting people, and Yoga definitely works. My occupational background is a Cardiovascular Tech. I've worked in the electrophysiology lab, stress testing, scanning holters, and I'm currently reading EKG rhythms. Hence, the reason for part of my target community. Many blessings to you all, Paula


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    Paula Pilgrim posted on 1st May, 2018

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